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Glass storefronts are a symbol of cordiality and hospitality!

Every building requires a main entrance. This architectural module, called the storefront, can Цельностеклянная "входная группа" со стеклянной фрамугой, оборудованная тепловой завесой (дизайнерский салон, Киев) - <span style="color: #ffff00;">Увеличить изображение!</span> consist of both the door itself and its necessary structural frame, and represents an integral architectural complex. It may include fixed door-adjacent elements, a transom, canopies, terraces, vestibules, access control and automatic opening systems, information and advertising media, and other equipment. It is difficult to overestimate the role of the storefront in the overall appearance of the building. In addition to providing an accessible path, a barrier that maintains the building’s microclimate and security, an elegant storefront also emphasizes the status of the owner and adorns the facade of the building.

The company “GlassPro” specializes in the design and manufacture of all-glass storefronts. In such an execution, they are a key logical part and addition of non-profile facades, shop windows and interior partitions..

Due to the unique aesthetic properties of glass, which is successfully combined with stone, wood, metal and other finishing materials, all-glass storefronts are successfully used as independent architectural units for newly built or reconstructed objects.

Стеклянные "входные группы" могут устанавливаться в порталы различных конструкций (автосалон "Porsche", Киев - облицовка портала натуральным камнем) - <span style="color: #ffff00;">Увеличить изображение!</span>Where to use – today all-glass storefronts have become an invariable attribute of shopping, recreational and office centers, car showrooms, hotels, airports, conference halls, restaurants and health centers. They received such distribution throughout the world due to a number of remarkable qualities.

The materials – a variety of fittings and the possibilities of modern glass decoration technologies (sandblasting and matting, applying colored enamels, fusing melted elements, printing colored images and logos on glass, applications made of various materials on the surface or inside the glass) give individuality to each installation and promote the customer’s corporate identity



Advantages of the all-glass storefronts from GlassPro ™:

  • Most public places utilize clear glass. This gives visitors the ability to perceive their surroundings from both sides, providing psychological comfort;
  • Creates a visual sense of open space and ensures maximum flow of natural light inside the building;
  • They possess aesthetic appeal, longevity, reliability and durability;
  • They have high mechanical strength and are safe in case of accidental breakage;
  • Possess zero hygroscopicity, which allows them to be installed in rooms with high humidity levels.

Learn more about warnings when using all-glass storefronts here ->


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