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Glass for overhangs and canopies

Структура стекла для козырьков и навесов обязательно должна включать слой полимерной пленки для обеспечения безопасной эксплуатации - <span style="color: #ffff00;">Увеличить изображение!</span>In all cases, exclusively safe multilayer laminated glass, consisting of two or more sheets of tempered or heat-strengthened glass interconnected by a special polymer film is used in the construction of glass canopies. Such a composition of glass, in the event of its emergency breakage, prevents fragments from falling and keeps the damaged glass element on the supporting structure until it is dismantled and replaced. The thickness of such multilayer glass varies from 12 mm to 30 mm, depending on the size and type of attachment of the overhang. Our specialists determine the appropriate thickness by taking into account these factors as well as the regulatory wind, ice and snow loads for the facility’s region. In addition to conventional flat glass panels, multilayer elements assembled from safe bent (curved) glass can be used.

In addition to ordinary clear glass, tinted glass can be used as part of multilayer panels, which makes it possible to adjust the intensity of the direct heat flux and the visible part of the solar spectrum falling into the area covered with an overhang or canopy. The appearance of colored glass and the tint imparted to the light passing through it can be used by an architect to add additional color accents to the designed object. We do not recommend using reflective glass as part of glass canopies, due to the vulnerability of reflective coatings relative to the assigned operating conditions.

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