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Glass floors and stairs – an exquisite interior design solution!

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The durability of glass building structures is no longer in question: their unique combination of visual lightness and grace, with the ability to serve as load-bearing structures, is admirable. Modern technologies of tempering and lamination make it possible to create laminated super-strong glass that can withstand significant loads and be resistant to mechanical damage. In the process of manufacturing such glasses, special polymer films (transparent, opaque, or colored) are used. To prevent slipping and safe movement on a smooth glass surface, it is equipped with a special anti-slip coating.

Glass stairs, floors, podiums of the GlassPro trademark are the result of using the most modern technologies. They are not only the functionality, but also the key decoration piece of any interior, capable of giving it individuality and special uniqueness, filling the room with a sense of space and light. The color and character options for the lighting allow you to create a peculiar harmony between the glass and the surrounding interior.

In an effort to bring originality to room design, interior designers are increasingly turning to the use of glass stairs. The steps of such stairs are made of safety impact-resistant laminated glass, the thickness of which is selected taking into account possible loads, the type of construction and design.

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Due to their lightness and elegance, glass staircases can seamlessly fit into any interior and become one of its main decorations.

Glass stairs are often implemented in:

  • shopping and entertainment centers;
  • multi-level stores and boutiques;
  • cafes and restaurants;
  • clubs;
  • interiors of private houses.

Examples of the use of glass floors in interiors for various purposes:

Glass floor from glass panels

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A raised floor made of glass panels is installed on a metal frame, taking into account the required height to accommodate various decorative elements or lighting fixtures. For the manufacture of such a floor, transparent, matte or tinted glass is used. Glass panels can be used both to cover the entire room and to decorate individual parts of it. Glass-paneled flooring is most effective in restaurants, clubs, exhibition centers, television studios, and other public places and establishments. It looks especially appealing and bright with backlighting, acting as an additional source of illumination.

Glass floor as a sectioning element

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When arranging the interfloor overlap, glass panels fill the openings prepared in advance in the metal supporting structure. Thus, the glass floor becomes the ceiling in the room below it, visually expanding the space. This architectural solution is most often used in private houses and multi-level penthouses. The glass floor as a sectioning element is distinguished not only by its non-standard design, but also has high functionality and reliability, since it is made of laminated, safe and impact-resistant glass.

Raised floor in the shape of an alcove

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This structure is an alcove in the main floor. A metal frame is installed in the recess, which forms a “quarter” for laying glass floor slabs made of safe, heavy-duty tempered laminated glass. Cover plates made of matt or polished stainless steel, aluminum, or skirting boards made of the flooring material are used to design the contour of the abutment of the glass panels to the floor covering. An excellent design solution would be to fill the recess with a variety of decorative elements: sand, shells, stones, dry plants and flowers. The decor can be complemented by LED lighting, which will highlight the sophistication and uniqueness of the glass niche. The advantage of this design is the ability to change its filling.

Glass podium

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The use of glass podiums in the interior area allows you to focus on a certain part of the room. Such platforms with glass panels are often used in television studios, nightclubs, show rooms, exhibition and shopping centers, and boutiques. Placing the product on an exquisite glass platform draws special attention from potential buyers. A glass podium can also be installed in a private house and apartment for the original arrangement of a sleeping place or dining area. As with the niche, the glass podium can be filled with various decorative elements and accompanied and completed by lighting. Panels of such elevation can be made of transparent, matte, tinted or patterned textured glass. There are a few possible options for applying a variety of patterns and engraving.

 Glass panels as flooring

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One of the common uses for glass panels is as a floor covering on a prepared floor surface. In this case, the preparation of the floor does not imply the construction of the frame, but is reduced only to leveling the surface, cleaning and installing damping pads between the glass panel and the supporting surface of the floor. Such linings can be in the form of silicone profiles of a minimum thickness or other elastic materials. In the case of floor cladding with glass panels that retain a certain degree of transparency, it is necessary to paint the supporting surface in the desired color, since even frosted glass will reproduce the existing shade of the floor. Glass panels can cover an entire room or be used as separate elements in combination with another type of flooring. Glass floors will help create a stylish and non-standard interior in rooms for various purposes. To obtain a unique flooring, glass can be subjected to additional processing: engraving of drawings, artistic matting, sandblasting, photo printing, or painting.

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Glass floors and stairs posses a whole array of advantages:

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  • Ecofriendliness and hygienic;
  • High durability and abrasion resistance;
  • The ability to install them in facilities of various purposes;
  • Moisture resistance (moisture-endurance);/li>
  • Low maintenance and resistant to the effect of cleaning products;
  • Aesthetic and stylish appearance;
  • Wide range of decoration options;
  • Present the ability to implement backlighting;
  • Durable against extreme temperature fluctuations.

The area of application of glass floors and stairs in the interior and exterior is quite diverse. In any case, originality and a memorable impression are guaranteed! Thus, the all-glass structure of a shopping/office center ramp, made by the specialists of the GlassPro company, would become a unique highlight of the entire multi-storey building. Complementing the non-profile glazing of the facade with its appearance, the ramp harmoniously fits in with other architectural elements of the building and the environment.


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