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Glass railing on racks – the embodiment of harmony between style and durability!

Стеклянное ограждение террасы частного дома обеспечит прекрасный панорамный вид и безопасность маленьким детям - <span style="color: #ffff00;">Увеличить!</span>In structures of this type, the main load falls on vertical metal or wooden posts, which can be supplemented by horizontal jumpers and handrails. The openings formed by the vertical support elements are filled with glass panels. The handrail is attached directly to the glass sheet, as in the case of a self-supporting structure, using metal holders or to the upper end of the glass panel. It is worth noting that rails on posts are very rarely made with handrails, since in most cases, relatively thin 8-10 mm glass is used in such a design. According to technical standards and safety requirements, handrails must be fastened by means of metal holders to reliable thick laminated glass.

Стеклянное ограждение c креплением стекла в паз стойки - <span style="color: #ffff00;">Увеличить!</span>The choice of the method of fastening the racks in each case is determined by the base materials, the weight of the structure and other tasks that are solved during the design and installation. Fences on metal racks are usually installed in open areas of finished objects:

  • on terraces of cafes and restaurants;
  • for railing swimming pools;
  • on verandas and terraces of private houses;
  • for railing a courtyard.


The racks of such a fence can be installed:

  • on steps (directly onto the step, reducing the span width);
  • on a partition;
  • on the edge of the structure.

In most cases, metal posts are installed using flanges and anchors (expansion or chemical).

 There are 3 types of fastening glass panels to the standing racks stands::

1. Glass railing with fastening in the slot of the rack

Стеклянное ограждение с креплением в паз стойки - <span style="color: #ffff00;">Увеличить!</span>

When installing glass in the enclosing structure, H-shaped posts with a seal or composite posts are used, which hold the glass sheet from 2 sides. In such a design, technical standards require the glass panel to be inserted into the profile mounting slot to a depth of at least 15 mm




2. Glass railing on rack stands with clamp mounting

Стеклянное ограждение на стойках с креплением в зажимы - <span style="color: #ffff00;">Увеличить!</span> The glass sheet is attached to metal or wood posts using metal fasteners (clamps). Often, the posts of such a fence are made of stainless steel. This material is most suitable for outdoor use because of its high corrosion resistance and reasonable price. According to technical standards, the clamps should be located on the sides of the glass fixing to the posts at a distance of no more than 600 mm. The clamp should be at least 50 mm long and should grip at least 25 mm of the glass panel.


3. Point-mounted glass railing on standing racks

Стеклянное ограждение террасы ресторана - стильное решение для защиты посетителей от ветра и пыли <span style="color: #ffff00;">Увеличить!</span>

The glass sheet is attached to the racks using special metal fasteners – point glass holders, usually, of a round shape. According to technical standards, the diameter of the grip (cover capacity) of the glass with such fasteners must be at least 50 mm. Point fixings should not be in direct contact with the glass, and for this purpose special spacers and bushings made of elastic materials are used. These fasteners can be manufactured in various sizes, usually stainless steel with a glossy or matte finish.

Choose the model of glass railing on standing racks:


Стеклянное ограждение на стойках с креплением в паз

rack slot mounting


Стеклянное ограждение на стойках с креплением в зажимы

fastening into clamps


Стеклянное ограждение на стойках с точечным креплением

point mounting


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