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Please note when ordering structures that include «spider» elements:

Оригинальный пример установки крепежей планарного остекления наружу здания для предотвращения влияния агрессивной влажной среды, центр водного отдыха "Swansea", Южный Уельс, Великобритания - <span style="color: #ffff00;">Увеличить!</span>The high cost of spider glazing should be considered in addition to strict requirements for the material quality, and the level of training of specialists in design and installation.

Do not test your luck by placing orders for “spider” glazing from companies that do not have sufficient experience in this area. Although these structures might be perceived as concise and sometimes uncomplicated, the correct selection of materials, specifics of design, and installation work require knowledge of the smallest details and subtleties. Installers must be knowledgeable of the physical properties of the materials, additionally taking into account the region’s climate.

In addition to the correct placement of the “spider” brackets in the structure, taking into account the fixed and moving beams, the company must be familiar with the methodology for calculating the spectrophotometric indicators of glazing. Their results will determine the type and capacity of the required equipment for heating and air conditioning a building. For the safe and long-term operation of the structure, preliminary calculations of the maximum temperatures of polymer layers and sealants for laminated glass and insulating glass units are also required. Lack of knowledge in these specifics can negatively affect both the service life of the structure and the safety of its operation.

You should also refrain from trying to cut costs by using fasteners of dubious origin.

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